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... no word yet n how long it will take to pn moont vernon, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morninggnews. 3 we're now learning that a weekend fight in undalk involved motorcycle gangs. happened about 1-o'clock sunday afternoon... erson was hit withh a rubber mallet. mallee.police arrested these & two men...brandon quinet of haleehorpe......and allen lulll of dunnalk...both are charred with assault... assault...the gangssinvolved pere tte "demon ouls" and & the "titan" motorcycce clubs. & 3a civil rights ooganizations - plans tt file a complaint with the baltimore city police department...following a foo455investigatiin. -3 investigation.the issue pade on the officer's facebook pagg.onn posting rrads.. 3 baltimore."the officer also &pposted a video he recorded on the job of a car fire.during -the footage, yyu can overhear the officer as well as a ccmmander joking about the 45 lso uncovered comments tte offfcer posted that refeernce hhw he looks forward to flexing his powwrr to punish a suupect. 3 1:04:11 wwat might
deadlockee. deadlocked.right now... all eyes are on the swing states. megan gilliland s here with good morning ggys,winning the white house... means winning the ellctooal college..ere are the key swing states to keep "real-clear""politics average of polls. polls.the closesttappears to be virginia right now where the polling aveerge showw half a point. witt a point and half lead. leaa.the... president appears to be ahead in ohii byyalmost p points.still many are preddcting this could be a decisive battleground. battlegrounddin pennsslvania... the president is ahead by nearly 4 points. points.president obamaawon north caroliin n 2008 but polling shows romney ahead noww ii that state byy3 pointss points.there's no question that these final hoors are crucial for the presidential candidates... as they present closing arguments on the campaign trail... some of them a little eeotionall president obamai want to ttke this opporttuity to say ( wipes off the first tear ) one thing to alllthe young people and not so young people who've given so much toothis campaign over thh years. those of wh
'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 transportation officials in new york are reparing for the worst this morning... one weee &pafter super storm sandy made . markssthe start of the first full work week... since sandy hit the york cityyofficials are warning commuters of possible delays and crrwding on buses and trains.many people are expected tt use puulic transportation in thh face of also returninggto schooll authority has loaned 31 buses to new jersee.they'll be usee to shuttll workers intoothe city. the fnal core looked gooo... aaten point win by the ravens over the rowns! but hoo the ravens got that final score has many ans and coaches shaking their heads this morning. the ravenssssart quickly...rookii bernard pierce with his first t- d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens pten goes into hibernation, 6 straight "3 and outs" lets the browns back n the game..this fifth of the game, gives the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and tak
. america.the announcement was this orning... megan closed. gilliland is here ith how thee numbbrs broke down and how the president is reacting to the news. good morning guys,jjst aater 11:00 last night... it was clear that president barack obama would have another term as president. prrsident. --claiming .... % of the and defeating his republican opponentt governor miit romney. --the popular vote is one tting... but o win... you need to win the eeectoral how this played out nationally.. nationally... &p--some states sttll are not i yet... but you can see the president has already ccaimee potes required to win-- he on states... virginia also ohio... which became aa - crucial battleground state state --marylann was deciddd almost as soon assthe pools closed... you ccn see...--it wasn't until the early morring --it wasn't until the early morning hours... that president bama made his acceptance speech... pisten in... obama says: while our journey has bben long we have picked ourselvvs up we have fought our way back and we know in the est is yet to come" baaack obama was re-elected...
happened on fairlawn avenneea short istance away at a bus 15 minutes ater.we seet megan gilliland to the sseneeand &pshe'll give us a live update as soon as she gets there. the man responsibbe for the tuscon shoottng spree... will be eetenced today. pleaded guilty to 19 counts... includiig the attempted assassination of former connresswoman, former assassinationnof the attempted counts... including guilty to 19 pleaded loughnerjared lee to. today.will be ennenced responsible for the man pheeggts thhre.update as soon and she'll give us a llve and there. -3 the man responssble for he tuscon shooting spree....will be sentenced today. today.jared lee louggner pleadeddggilty to 19 counts... including the attempted asssssination of former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords... were hurt. - giffood's husband... astronauu mark kelly... plans tooaapear in court for he sentencing... the family.peak on behalf f - a college student accused of f killlng her roommate beginss today.alexis simpson iss frazier last septemberrin their dorm aa bowii ssatt plaim it was self defense.nys - testiiony is set to behind
west baltimooe home.her two sons attack.megan gilliland is live from shock trauma where she is being treated as the invvstigaaion intensifies. good morring guys,the mother ps in here at this hour... right now... police are not releasing her identify... to protect her... s the case is stiil under investigation. invessigation.the earch is on for the suspect who shot her and kklled her happpned on est lafayytte avvnue at whitmore avenue around 9-30 last tuesday night. dettctives say the victtms were in the house when at least threeemen forced their &pway inside with a uu.kklling his brother, 23-year old allen horton.a bullet struck their mothhr in the hand and face. neighbors watched as she was rushed intt &pan ambulance. t.c. 11:44:57 (jones) "when ii came to he door, as i'm standiig ere talking to you last night and they were putting the young man in the ambulance, the spirit just led me to pray for him. and i god just cover him cause i can &premember a time when my son got shot and i know wwoever child ttaa was, they could pfel that pain that i fell." felt."a famil
yesterday's mmrning commute... and is still backing up raffic at this hour.megan gilliland s liveeat the scene with a look at what we're dealing with now. good mmrning guys,you can eee phis area is blocked off... ccews work to rrpair tte 30-inch line that broke undergr. undergrouud.17 feettbelow the streets surface.despite ii's see from this video... it was really just ushing out from eeery crevice.turninn ttis anotherrsection of the city (man in jjan jackkt)"itssjust man)man foorreal....if you ask me it looks like tte arbor.. laugh""ww dont have any water pressure in the builddnggright now" this morning... nearbb pesidentt and busineses still have little r no water flowing through their pipes. no ord on owwlong this one will take to fix. infrastructure is a problem. & in mount vernon, i' megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. less than two miles from this break... the monument treet sinkhole doesn't seem to be getttng aay better.heevy rainn have pushed the project back to now mid-decemberr so far... the sinkhole is roving doubling its estimate to 7-yis cost. 3 & fir
. attacc.megan gilliland is live at shook rauma witt more on his coodition and eaction - for sussects continues. 3 good orning ggys,the victim is 32-year-old john massn.he was eaten so badly ttat his family sayy he's virtually they want the people responsible... caught. mason's aunt. she's been at hissbedside... since he was police say the attack happenee around 2 o'clockkin thh middle of the day t lombard and howard streets in ddontown baltimore.witnesses say at least four men attacked mason. right ow, he's in critical condition... in a coma with multiple skull fracttres and some brain swelling. 3 (jasi) "it has devastated my family.. uum, no one can hasshappened..."(jasi) peveeyone's shocked, they're ppset, thee want to knoo why, -3 why himm" phm?"at ttis point... the & potive is nclear... investtgators were conssdering robbery... but nnthinn was &ptaken from mason. 3 as detectives seaach forr clues... mason's family is reeching out to baltimore..-3 what they're asking you to do -3 live from ssock trauma, megan gilliland, fox45 morring nnws. 3 the mu
house. megan gilliland ii ive fromm thh scene with the latest at thhi hour. good mornnng guys,ad lib... 3 3 ad lib...ggys,aa lib... 3 2:40 it came in two in under hhavty conditions and pad ems tarted ooking on herr right away. 3 a baltimorr ctiy police officer is under investigation for statutory rape case in harford county. roberto santiago was already suspended criminal investiggtion.he's the third cityypooice officee to ongoing criminal investigations. keein clash...the man ehiid baltmore in the cllar, this morning.the accuserrwho said he had an underage sexuul relationship with clash retracts his statement.according to the noo says he relationship pdult... and consensual.clash says he's relieved....and a new report shhws baltimore as their neighborhoods. the hy joinn cenner foo political and economic studies found people income neighborhoods have a shorrer life span than those in more affluent areas.people rolanddpark arra.... ii north baltimore... 86 ppint 3 druid heights... 6 point 7 on yeers.senator bbn cardin found the study alarmmng. "to mm its shocking that
, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a baltimooe county man is chaaged with stabbing his police arrested john palkenntein monday after the victim's daaghter callee &p9-1-1... saying she was concerned about her mother's welfare.when officers got to found the body of janet palasik covered with a blanket in tte kitchen.he's being held detentionncenter. 3& annapolis police say a store cashier fought off an armed it happened about 6:40 monday ttyy ."a masked man approached a gun and demanded money. the cashier trieedto knock the &pgun from thh robber's hhnd, robber eventually raa from the store. the cashier was not hurt. 3 another water main break has city streees shut down during anotter morning drivee the third major break ttis year looded four bllcks yesterday, and joel d. smith much longer those roads will be affected. it's going to taae ays guys... lookall of the aal of the 3 yesserday are now back in te water. at leasttthe watee has been you needed a boat to navigate thii street. water rushing everyyhere. a 60- foot, cast iron water main burss at 8 -m,
... he has more work to do.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 tte voting issooer, but &pat jimmy's n feels point to people the mostt.. .and if ct - cominn to washington. & good morniig joel d. d. 3 3 ,3 &pshannon "qqestion 6! sooooo happy for the lgbttcommuniit! now i can watch my best friend get married someday!" ssmeday!"kiya - "definiteey the presidenniallelection. pctually goes to the schools 3 as promised. hooe so since my decision." 3 pupporters of question six made history... in whattwassa verr clloe race. raaeeit receivvd approvaa last of the vote.with this decision... maaylann becomess one of the first states in the marriage at the ballot box. - mayor stephanie rawlings blake spoke out about it... at an event in downtown baltimore. srb: (( 22:30::6:12))- "i was very, very proud. i was proud and wasshonored to e the firsttnon-lgbt elecced officiaa to stand up with you to say that this is impprtant. this is the civil ights issues ffour time." time..same ex marriageewas also apppoved in mmine last nightt that brings us to our question deeisionn made lasttnight.. which o
at surveillance cammra video... hoping to find someehing to help them catch ptauma, i'm megan gilliland, another water main break has city streets morning drive. the third major break this yeaa flooded four blocks yesterday, there now to see how much - longer those roads will be aafected. - it's going to take days guys... lookall of the resideett ho were evacuatee their homes... and do have water. 33 water. 33 & cut off, because yesterday, you needed a boat to navigate phis street. water rushinggeverywhere. a 60- foot, cast iron water main burst at a-m, and it didn't inna 4 block radius. &pimportant thing at this point is to rotect a gas line near porking closely with b-g-- to means ssveeal roads in this arra will remain closed for asking folks to be pattent majoo waterrmain breaks in the city lreaddythis year.. ootrageous. i've ssopped counting howwmany water main breaks we''e had since the pave the sandbar that makes it look like florida, but weirddr." weirderr" the pipes underneath ccarles street are of the infrastructure rounn &pbaltimore, which is why publl works has set as
to he most recent polls... the race for the white house is going to be a close one. one.megan gilliland is here numberssat this hourr good morring guys,righh now... the polls show it's very close. pot longer... before an announced.the "real-clear" politics average offpolls... shows president baraak obama with a slight lead over &prepublicannmitt romney.3 of phow obama ahead.2 olls show romney aheed.and 3 including &ptte most recent poll... actualll show the race tied. there's no question that these ffnal hours are crucial for as they presenn closing arguments on the campaign trail. "does raising taxes put people to work? (no!))how about his avalanchh of new regulations, does that help small his plln to require companies &pto ave unions whether the employees want to vote or thhm or not -- carr cheek, does that create jobs? (no!) you passee the test.""aad if youure willing to work ith me wwthhme, make some phone calls for me, urn out at the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, we'll win this electton. " "winning the white housee.. mmans winning the electoral college.and this year here
of our best emergency crews are heading out offtoww. town.megan gilliland is live from the public safety training academm on northern paakway with more on wwere they're headed. 3good morring guys,city crews llft th locatioo ruiv&&lohiin h ppramedicss.. pack up 2 medic uuits and one medical assistance car this morning. knowinn they ave big job ewrs stands at 8 but eto 2.1 million hhmes and ere are businneses still without power. more than 100 homes were yesterday... our maaor... aanouuccd... the eoppe of damage and tragedyyas a result of this historic storm..nd that includes... sending some help. (39:111people that may need medical attention becauue something happened because maybe somethhnggcollapsed on and couldn't get out.this is &pwhat we do this is what we traii to do we help people 4/ are also sce temperatures are expected to &pdrop into the uppee 30's. ouu crews are eepected to stay to 10 days workkng at east 12 hours a day.i'm mmgan gilliland, fox45 morning news. alel o. -nda tlothorities.crew to rescue people from pities are two of many... swamped by the storm's heavy
with dr. talk about their in -3 east baltimore i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a man ii foond guiltt of 10 chaares... inccuding rson... affer setting his ex-girlfrrend's noothwest baltimore homee.. on fire. fire.randall martin junior - faces up to 77 years in prison wwen he's sentenced in jjnuaay. prosecutors say the 56-year-old had usttgotten -3 out of a ssx-year relationship... whennhe set 3&p2010.she managed to sccpe... along with her son nd twoo other women.a pet died in the blaze. 3a north ballimore carry-out restaurant gets a makeover... one year after a murder... 3 good.the owners of yau brotheesscarryout worked with &pommunity leaders to make a change... after a halloween piiht killing.a customerrwas shot and killed inside he - building last year... and the whole tting was caught on camera.the incident is just oneeof four deedly shooting at tte carryout in the last ears 3 decreasing the violence... the &powners will no longer sell 3tobaccc products. 3 (haynie) ""e immediattly worked with them o have that remooed ro
.at this hour, crews are still on the sc. scenn.megan gilliland is live there now... with moreeon possible injuries. good morning guys,ad llb...#20 blake courrreisterstown2 alarm any injurespio headed to the - scenestarted at 0101 p:42 eetremely difficult for &pfirefighters.... oc: found he ii a bedroom upstairss upstairs. 3 homicide detectives are investigating a shooting ouu of west baltimorr.. baltimore...t happened just before 9-30 last night on west lafayette avenue near braddish avenue.police say two men and one woman were hurt.there's no word on a suspect or motive at citt pooice are looking or the person who stabbed a man po death in bboadddayliggt. officcrs fouud a man lying in the street aroundd3-30 monday afternooo... on rutland avenue... near east lafaaette. hospital. an m-t-a bus driver is puspended this morning... &pafter video surfaced of her getting into a ist fight wwth a teenage passengerr passenger.witnesses recordedd it on person told fox 45 that the driver and the teen... started arruing over somm loud music.then, instead stopped the bus, approached swin
this mooning... after a woman was attacked and - sexxally aasaulted in the ssreet. street.megan gilliland is live &pin fells point residents nd - visitoos there. 3 -3 3 visiiors therr.residents and with a warning o live in fells point with a warning to & resiients and visitors there. good morning guysaround this time of orning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime &pbetween 5 am and 7 am... a 20- year ll wommn was out for a run... when she was attacked - by a maskeddman right in the strret. street.police say he was armed with knife and pulled her into a dark area of fells point where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of tte attack is unclear right now. of the attacker... police are 3 to be on the lookout aad to report any suspiiious ctivity. 3 again... the attacker ii still oo the in fells point, i'm meean gilllland, fox45 morning neww. 3 pooice are investigating sevvn & shhotinns after a violent weekend in baltimore. baltimore.this was the scene of one of the rimes hat left 3 balt
they believe this amily was attacked... coming up next half hour. live from shock trauma, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morninggnees. m-t-a poliie say they won't file charges... against the bus driver who was caught on camera having a fist fight with a passenger. passsnger.wiinesses recorded mmnday's incideet... and &poste peesonntood fox 45 that the driver and the teen were arguing over loud music... when the driver stopped tte bus... approached the girl.... and ssartee swinging at her. suspended. m-t-a police say because they didn'' witness the fight. both the driver ann passenger may till hoose o other.harges against each - police in aane &parundel county need your help finding a suspect... who robbed walmarr in laurel wednesday... and shot the store manager. manager..ust after 4 a-m... man wearing a mask approached a manager... and demanneddcash. after getting t.... he forced the managerrinto the parking lott.. shot himm.. then drove away.the maaager is expected to survive. <"once officers aad fire personnel got on the scene, they discovered that one of the employees.. had been shot i
in critical condition right now.. after being trapped in an eaaly morning house fire. fire.megan gilliland is live on the scene in reisterstown right now wwth what we're nnw learning about the blaze. good morning guys,ad lib... #20 blake courtreiiteestown22 alarm firewould say if there weee any injurespio headed to the scene staated t 0101 3 4:42 extremely difficult for firefighters.... oc: found her in a bedroom upstairs. uustairs. 3 homicideedeteccives are investigating a hooting out of west altimore.. hhppened justt lafayytte avenue near braddiss one woman were hurt.there's no word on a suspect r motive at this time. city police aae loooing for the persso who tabbed a man to death in broadddaylight. officers found a maa lying in the street around 3330 monday afternoon... on rutlandd avenne... near east lafayette. he wasspronouncee dead at he maryland live officials are outlining plann to open tabbes . games.a news conference will wiil be diicussing ow the sl - casino floor will be reconfigured to fit morr thann 125 table games. maryland voters approved the gamblin
city schooos olice chief. chief.megan gilliland is livee prom the baltimore citt sccools police department this morning with more on whattthis means foo your kids. good morning guys,the schooll policc union reeealed the vote in a letter to cce-o dr. andres alonso. the letter saas almost ttree quarters of officers voted theyyhave "no confidencce in ability to run the department. aggin... the vote comes after a fox 45 investigation found that dozens of crimes in to city ollce. inntead, rted - whht's known as an in-house - 3&1:34:04 i would say the pn-houue reporting is on thh pise. i would say it's on the responsible for that? uppee &plevel management upper level . management.union officials plan to meet with dr. alonso to discuss the vote later this month. meantime... the underlying problem of crime ii city schools is still there.just how many assaults have happened recently coming upp next half n east fox45 morninn gilliland the search continuus ttday... for a ssspect in northeast baltimore... whoostole a car witt a 7-year-old boy in the ba. ha
jersey stlinght emeegency crews want to helpp help.megan gilliland is live from the public safett trrining acaddmy on northern parkway with morr on what our responddrs arr doing right w to aid in heir recovery. good morning guyss,ight ow... pbout 4 paramedics... di un aone medical teady progress continues in restoring power to the thousandd left in the dark, after sandy roared thhough mary. marynd. joel d. smith is eowoonioee'' ffortsn ikllnnea we're ere at greenspriig aaee & illside road nd look.... bel air. a location being . le worked onnthere with 6 thoosand customers without powe. power. it's day two on he job.... ith good proggess bein mad. afa tfe to the cromwwll brothhrs and thhir elderly mother. the faailyyis keeppng warm inside their hooe with help from a generator. outside, where ttey're chopppng wood to fuel a bbrrel fire to keep warm. &p 3 3 maryland national guard troops are also helppng out... pending a hand to local authori. authorities.crees are working tt rescue eopll rrm waterloggeddhomes... ii salisbury and crisfield.the citiessare two of
of baltimore city innerseccionn will no longer have school crossing gua. guards.megan gilliland is live in east baltimore ith more on why the hanges were put into good morning guys,we're live at barclay and 21st. for yearr... there's een a crrssing guard here at this intersection helping kids get to school safeey.the guard &phere in the afternoon told us the kids are on their own. - own.the city deparrmentt f transpootation will be removing crossing guards from 66 of its 466 city inttesections.the ccty says federal standard... whiih says a crossing guard is ooly needed at an intersection iff and 350 caas per hour.but oo the buss streets of east baltimore... parents ssy ii's a matter of life and death. "these kidssneed a crossing guard, innmooning time, whose watch kids, they need an adult" going to pay for funeral y costs??"a lot offkids are &pgoing to get hit, greeemont i there!"despite arggments fromm parents... the city standssby its decisiin.weell have more &pon their side of tth story... plusswhat happens to those 66 prossing guards... coming up next half in east balttmore, i'
stepping up patrols in fells point this morning... after a woman was attacked and street.megan gilliland s live - in ells point witt a warning to reeiients and visitors theee. good morning guys,around thhs time of morning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime between 5 am and 7 am... a 22- year old woman was out for a run... when she was attacked bb a masked man right innthe st. street.police say hh was armed a dark area of fells point nto where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of thh and with no ccear description of theeattacker... poliic are warring everyone in he aaea repoot any suspicious activitt. again....the attacker is stilll on the loose.llve in ells point,,i'm megan gilllland, fox45 morning news..- police are investigating seven shootings after a violent peekend in baltimore ballimoreyyu can sse them scattered across theecity on this map.police say tww eople died in separatt ssootinns on each other sunday morning.le ttere werretwo other shootingg as well on sunday. & there is just one day left before the focus
avenue... onll adds to a list of otters backing up trafficcherr thissmo. morniig.megan gilliland is at more onnhow things look his attthis hour and hhw long it's poing to take to fix.good porning,,megan. megan. phe man accused ii a seriessof expected to plead guilty to assaults.aaron thomas is schedulee to be in a virginia courrroom today..e's charged in 2009... and raping wo of thee...but poliie beeieve he may e resppnsible for as manyy as 17 asssults thatttook plaae uppand down the east coast... daaing back to 19-97 in prince george's county. another high another high ranking official is involvee in the david patraeus scandal. general john allen... the u-s commander in afghaniitan... is under investigation for allegedly sending emails to in the affairrof the former ed - to have spaakkd the f-b-i aid - investigation intoothe relationship betteee petraeus and hhs bioggapher, paula broadwell. the f-b-i is under scruuiny as well. senate intelligence committee chairwoman ddanne feinstein wants to kkow why the f-b-i did not teel congressional oversight committees ahead of tiie a
fox 45 good ay baltimore. ((break 4)) 3 33 3- 3 33 3 we sent megan gilliland to the scene of that watermain break about.letts get right o her in ownnown baltimore... to see how baa the break is.megan? mmgan? 3 3 thh votes are in.presidenn baracc obama will have another four yearr as president of thee united states of ameriia. america. the voting is over, but the fallout has just . begun. joel d. smith is live at jimmy's in fells point to see which results will affect people he most... .anddif commng to washington. d.od morning joel d..- 3 &psome americans had the opportunnty to ccst their pnusual places tuesday.ty - tuesday. in san francisco... aahandful of locals got to vote at a columbariuu... which is a building housinn uuns holding the ashes of the deceased. in chicago... a pplling station was set up onntheetop floor of a 43-story skyscraperr peterson says: "i kind of like it. theeoccupants here are very, very qqiit. they bother n" francisco... aapollinn station inside a launnromat.and in venice beach... residents weee able to vote at he lifeguard'' st
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